Is your glass half full or half empty?

You miss so much for those who have a look at life by means of the
half-empty glass. Taking the detrimental slant on life
results in a lifetime of unfavourable considering that never sees
the good issues that life has to offer.

Take a moment and write down all the things which can be
unsuitable with your life. Then, on a distinct piece of
paper, write down all of the blessings you have. For a
negative particular person, this can be hard. Did you wake up in
a heat mattress this morning? Was your mattress heat? Was there
somebody on the opposite facet of the mattress? Did you could have
breakfast? Did you go to a job? In a car? Did you’ve gotten
clear, respectable clothes to put on?

Every any every one in all these items are blessings and
are a positive a part of your life. It can be really easy to
take into consideration the damaging issues: I don’t get paid
enough, my automobile is previous, and the cereal wasn’t recent –
come on! Half the world would love to have the issues
you took without any consideration just this morning!

What do you ever get out of life by looking on the
negative features of your life? Are you a complainer?
Are you a complainer because of your circumstances or
do your circumstances make you complain? How much
worse might issues be? If you actually think about
your life, aren’t you really blessed in comparison with others
across the planet?

Try thinking positively as a way of finding happiness
and satisfaction in your life. Complaining does
nothing except make others round you are feeling unhealthy, and if
that’s your intention, it’s worthwhile to re-assume your